You can keep USING your Domain and make money renting out the SUBDOMAINS of your Domain.  For example, use and rentout or to others!  There are people who can begin immediately paying you to use your subdomains if you follow these easy steps:  

1. Register on Rentstant and list your subdomains. 
2. Go to your Registrar and change the IP address for the and change the A Record so it reads - so your subdomain for your domains points at  Here is the link which explains how to go into your Registrar and point your domains at our site.  You main domain will not be able to be rented or touched and you can still use your main domain.  (VIPIN - PLEASE CHECK THIS!!!)
3. Send emails through our system to people whom you think might want to build a quick page and rent your subdomains!

It is that easy!  Reach out with an questions or problems!  

The Rentstant Team